108th Founder's Day & Heritage Festival

108th Founder's Day & Heritage Festival

March 10, 2018

Tales from the Hills


A fierce pioneer spirit encompassed the land which would later become Zephyrhills in the 19th century; vast cypress and pine and an abundance of water covered the area. Settlers harvested the abundant woods and built their dreams on lumber, turpentine, farming and ranching. When times were difficult, the byproducts of charcoal kilns, moonshine stills and cash-crops provided sustenance and a worthy reprieve from a long-day’s work. The Great Depression took its toll on the industries when Greer’s Lumber Mill closed, and some turned to moon-shining to make ends meet during the Prohibition. The town began to flourish again in 1932 when I.A. Krusen opened the Krusen Land &Timber Company. The bootleg hooch slowly began to disappear when the 18th Amendment was repealed in 1933, although the zeal for making moonshine lingered. With tin-can tourists and thriving citrus, businesses we know today began to shape the now cohesive community.

Sit back, relax and enjoy local pioneering families regaling their family history on the Dwight Hopkins Family Front Porch at The Jeffries House. 


109th Founder's Day Parade & Heritage Festival

March 9, 2019

Historic Downtown Zephyrhills

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