Captain Howard B Jeffries 

Captain Howard B Jeffries 

How Zephyrhills, “The City of Pure Water” came to be…

Originally known as Abbott, Zephyrhills was originally settled in 1882. With a thriving lumber industry, Abbot quickly grew as the Seaboard Coastline Railroad established a depot in the town. In 1910, Captain Howard B Jeffries, a Union Army Captain in the Civil War, came to the town to construct a retirement community for veterans called the Zephyrhills Colony. It is said that Jeffries named the town after the breezes or "zephyrs" that blew across the countryside.

Towards the middle of the century, Zephyrhills saw an influx of tourists and those looking to retire in the Sunshine State. In 1961, Zephyrhills Water Corporation was created to take advantage of the natural springs flowing nearby, hence the name “The City of Pure Water.” Since then, the size and population of the once-small community has increased steadily, businesses and restaurants have flourished and Zephyrhills has become a hub for diversity and prosperity. 


Preserving our History since 1910

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Our Mission

Main Street Zephyrhills, Inc. is dedicated to providing economic vitality through historic preservation, pride in our quality of life and a strong sense of community.

The Main Street Approach

The Main Street Approach can bring about dramatic positive changes in historic downtown Zephyrhills. It encourages economic development within the context of historic preservation. The approach advocates improvement in four areas to create a positive distinctive image downtown.

  • Organization – Working with the public and private sector community leaders to develop consensus and coordinate resources to revitalize downtown.
  • Promotion – Creating and marketing a positive image of downtown through special events, retail sales, effective advertising and public relations.
  • Design – Encouraging quality building rehabilitation, signage, public improvements and window displays to improve downtown appearances.
  • Economic Restructuring – Improving economic base of downtown by strengthening existing business, recruiting new businesses, and filling vacancies.

The Main Street Approach also advocates a return to community self reliance and emphasizes the downtown’s traditional assets: personal service, local ownership, unique architecture and a sense of community.

Proud Members of the Main Street Community

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Promoting our Community since 1994

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Our Leadership Team


Board Members

Gail Hamilton, President
City of Zephyrhills

Cathy Mowrey
Kid’s Korner Preschool

Laura Longstreet
Extraordinary Volunteer/Artist

Amy Chappell
CenterState Bank

Charla VandeBerg
Raymond B. Stewart Middle School

Audrey McGuire

City of Zephyrhills Historic Preservation


Council Liaison

Jodi Wilkeson, Councilwoman
City of Zephyrhills


Anna Stutzriem
Main Street Coordinator

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