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Main Street Zephyrhills is proud of its dedicated volunteers who give freely of their time and talents to drive events and projects to help make Downtown Zephyrhills and our community the best it can be. Without our volunteers, Main Street Zephyrhills cannot exist. We invite you to be a part of this exciting and fun organization that will help shape the heart of our community for all future generations

Revitalizing Downtown

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Throughout Florida, there is a growing interest in improving the appearance and economical stability of downtown business districts. In many small communities, the downtown is in a serious state of decline. Effective solutions to the problems of deteriorating building stock, loss of business and the waning economic strength of downtown are crucial to the survival of the city itself.

There are many reasons for a community to actively encourage the revitalization of their downtown. An economically healthy, historic downtown Zephyrhills:

Builds a positive image for the community.  An attractive downtown reflects a community’s confidence in itself and its future.

Creates job opportunities by attracting new industry and strengthening services and retail job markets.

Saves tax dollars by stabilizing and improving the area’s tax base and protecting the investment already made in downtown infrastructures.

Preserves the community’s historic resources.  In an economically healthy downtown, property owners can afford to maintain the historic commercial buildings and preserve an important part of the community’s heritage.

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